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Note: Many of these resources were gleaned from the Internet and are being used under the Fair Use Act. They are being freely provided for educational purposes only. Do Your Research and Ask Lots of Questions! Everything Depends On It!

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary: This is one of the original and best Law Dictionarys.

Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition: This is a very good Law Dictionary for Research.

MAXIMS_OF_LAW_BOUVIERS_1856_LAW_DICTIONARY: All Courts must take Judicial Notice of Maxims. These are the Intentions of Justice rather than the Letter of the Law…

Washington 1878 Constitution: Did You Know We Have Two Constitutions??? Here are photocopies of the Actual Lawful Organic Constitution of the State of Washington. Note: You can not alter or replace a Contract with the People without first breaking or invalidating the original…

The Lawful 1878 Washington State Constitution Highlighted: This is the full text of the lawful Constitution for the State of Washington with important clauses highlighted for your convenience.

THE STATE OF WASHINGTON CONSTITUTIONAL FRAUD: Here is the Evidence of the Fraud. Follow the embedded links to explore the evidence.

The Articles of Confederation were the first governing document and the original constitution of the US. The Articles of Confederation contained the terms, agreed by the 13 new states, by which they agreed to participate in a centralized form of government, in addition to their self rule.

THE FEDERALIST PAPERS 1-85 This is the discussion and intentions preceding the Constitution For the United States.

 THE ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPERS This is the Discussion against the Constitution as it was written and adopted.

FEDERALIST PAPERS – CONCISE GUIDE This is a source of the original meaning of the Constitution for the United States.

ESSENTIAL FEDERALIST PAPERS This is a compilation to the important and most essential information contained within the Federalist Papers.

FEDERALIST AND ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPER CHRONOLOGY This shows the order and the history of the discussion between those for and against the Constitution as it was written and adopted.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ACT OF 1871: This is how we all lost our Constitutional Government by the creation of the Corporate “UNITED STATES.” Most people do not know the difference between the Original and Lawful “Constitution For the United States” and the Corporate Bylaws called the “Constitution Of the United States.”

WHAT ALL FREE MEN WANT: Hartford Van Dyke explains the historical and current nature of regaining our freedom!

MONEY: Hartford Van Dyke explores the basic nature of money – it’s not what you thought…

SOVEREIGNTY: Hartford Van Dyke enlightens us on the Commerce side of Sovereignty. What is the Real Problem? and what is the Real Solution?

FOUNDATIONS OF FREEDOM: An Excellent Education on ‘What Has and Is Happening’ In the USA! This is a large Document and may take awhile to load completely… Our Great Thanks to those who created this!

THE MISSING 13TH AMENDMENT What do you imagine would change if Attorneys could not enrich themselves through elected office? Did you know the original U.S. Constitutional 13th Amendment prohibited anyone with a Title of Nobility (such as “Esquire) from holding office, “… Attorney become Politician has been and continues to be a large part of the problems we face in this country. Remember when Bill Clinton, while on trial said, “that depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.” In Law, the redefining of common words has been used to corrupt and pervert justice – way to go Attorneys!

CITIZENSHIP EQUALS SLAVERY: Your “Status” Makes All the Difference! CITIZEN vs Citizen vs citizen… The Fraud that enslaved a Nation!

31 QUESTIONS FOR THE IRS: What the I.R.S. Does NOT Want You To Know!

COMMON LAW LIENS: How to Protect Your Home Equity In A Foreclosure!

MODERN MONEY MECHANICS: An Education in How Money is Made and Kept Away From You… Everything our Government Does NOT want you to know!

TRUTH IN MONEY BOOK: Education Part 2 – What to Do about what our Government Doesn’t want you to know… When you understand what Money really is, how it is created and where it comes from, you will be upset, frustrated and begin to realize just how deep the deception goes…

The Uniform Bonding Code – Modern Bonding Practice: It has been said, “Money Talks, Bonding Controls.” Each and every one of our politicians whether elected or appointed must have a Bond to insure them and protect the government corporation from the liability of their actions. This also includes Officers of the Law, Attorneys, Judges, etc. Each of them has taken an oath to uphold the laws of the Constitution and Protect your rights. In the event they fail to uphold the Constitution and or your rights, they have violated their oath and their bond may be broken. It is the same for a Bonded Contractor doing poor quality work or causing damage – You go after their bond to be made whole and be justly compensated for their errors and/or fraud.

DRIVER LICENSING vs. RIGHT TO TRAVEL: What the Law says about your Right to Travel… What is the difference between Driving and Traveling? $$$ If You Don’t Know!

CONNECTING THE DOTS SOCIAL SECURITY TO THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND TO THE VATICAN: Revealing History the World Governments Do NOT Want You To Know…and Most People Won’t be able to Believe…

DAVY CROCKET AND THE US CONSTITUTION: An Honorable Man Learns the Truth! The Constitution has NO Provision for Charity such as Foreign Aid and More!

DEUTSCHE V HOLDEN – BANKS MAY NOT OWN LOANS: Are You Paying the Right People For The Right Reason? Who Really Owns Your Mortgage?

DUNN EVIDENCE OF CORPORATE TAKEOVER AT ALL LEVELS OF US AND UN: Dunn & Bradstreet keeps track of all corporations in the “UNITED STATES” How is it possible for our Government “of the People, by the People  and for the People” to be privately owned and opperated?

OUR GOVERNMENT IS BIG BUSINESS: (Document 2) Why Does Our Government Register With Dunn & Bradstreet? How can a Government “OF THE PEOPLE” actually be Owned by Someone Else?

EIN DUNS NUMBERS FOR FED AND OREGON: (Document 3) More Evidence that Government Is Just BIG Business! It’s Nothing Personal – Just Business as Usual… Here’s the Bill – Pay the Fee, Fine and Tax!


SOCIAL SECURITY ACT 1935: Text of the 1935 Social Security Act… It’s More than the Insurance You Bargained For… Wait! The Constitution has NO Provision for Insurance…

THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974: Social Security Cards are NOT to be used for Identification! Why Does the Government Break Their Own Laws? It’s worth $1,000 to know this Answer…

SOCIAL SECURITY NOT REQUIRED: You can live without your Social Security Card. This document shows you how and includes several forms complete with instructions.

BUCK ACT: The Fraud That Cost Us Our Freedom! The Contract that Cost Us Our Rights!

The UNITED STATES CODE – THE STORY OF THE BUCK ACT: The Story of the Buck Act and why it’s important to your Freedom. The Social Security Act modified by the Buck Act created a Deceptive Contract that turned Un-a-lien-able Sovereign Rights into Government Privileges which can be Regulated, Liened, Taxed, and Eliminated.


Title 18 and Title 42 USC Quick Reference Guide: US Code (Statute Law) apply also to the Government officials. These points are very powerful when used properly!

HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC AGENCY:How to Understand the Money Game and How “You” Are Being Played!