Criminal Complaint

The CCC is the Antidote to the Corruption and Deception in our Corporate government. It has the power of the still valid and lawful Constitution – the Supreme Law of Our Land! When True Patriots Get, Understand and Begin Using this Powerful Affidavit… We have a chance of regaining our GOD given, Constitutionally protected Rights and restoring our Great Sovereign Nation to the people!

Note: While the CCC is lawful and powerful, you need to have a very good grasp of Constitutional and Common Law in order to use it successfully. Keep in mind those in power want to remain in power and have been playing this game for a long, long time. Feel free to contact us if you have questions and want more info.

Brief History: Dave Darby regained his Sovereign Rights by lawfully breaking the government contract which had fraudulently exchanged Dave’s Freedoms and Rights for Privileges and Benefits. Dave Darby then went to reclaim his land as only a Sovereign may own their land free of taxation. After following all of the lawful steps to have his land removed from the Tax Rolls – government officials just said “No!”

DAVE DARBY Utah US 10th District Court Case As Filed January 25 2010  Believing that the 9th District Court may be biased against losing tax revenue, Dave filed a Civil Complaint in the 10th District Court to have justice done and get lawful remedy. Even thought Dave provided more than enough evidence of the truth in law, (about 1 inch of evidence) in the form of actual Certified Documents from the National and Washington State Archives, The 10th District Court Dismissed the case as without cause…

Dave spent the next 2 years researching and examining the laws and his ability to get Just Compensation and Lawful Remedy. Dave Filed A Constitutional Criminal Complaint against several of the officials of the State of Washington for violating his GOD-Given and Constitutionally Protected Rights on January 4th, 2012.

See the individual files below… The Saga Continues…

DAVE DARBY VS GREG KIMSEY CRIMINAL COMPLAINT FILED 1-4-12  This is the Constitutional Criminal Complaint as it was filed into Federal Court on January 4th 2012.

DAVE DARBY VS GREG KIMSEY CCC DISMISSAL 2-10-12  This is the “Letter of Dismissal” issued from Judge Benjamin Settles to Dave Darby February 10th 2012. Note: This is not a lawful response to an Affidavit.

DAVE DARBY VS GREG KIMSEY CCC JUDGE SETTLES REBUTTAL AFFIDAVIT AS FILED 4-11-12 This is a “Point-For-Point” Affidavit of Rebuttal to Judge Settles Letter of Dismissal. Note: This is a Lawful Rebuttal, however the time for the defendants to lawfully respond has expired and they are now in Default and have lost on all counts.

DAVE DARBY AFFIDAVIT OF LIEN AND DISTRESS OF BOND RECORDED 6-4-12 001 This is an Affidavit of Distress lawfully demanding the seizure and impounding of the defendants bonds filed June 4th 2012 in Skamania County Washington.

Note: Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey and his staff unlawfully blocked the filing of these lawful documents twice in Clark County and this document was then taken and filed in the adjoining County of Skamania.

DAVE DARBY DEMAND TO SHOW CAUSE TO FILE LIEN IN COUNTY RECORDS 6-4-12 001 This document was presented to the Clark County Commissioners on June 5th 2012 in the Commissioners meeting that was televised on local cable.

It should be noted that Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke has and continues to act lawfully throughout this process and is therefore no longer a party to this Criminal Complaint.

CONSTITUTIONAL CRIMINAL COMPLAINT BOOK 1-4-12 This collection of files (including Sovereignty Lost) explains and supports the Constitutional Criminal Complaint (CCC). The CCC is NOT a ‘Civil Lawsuit’ where the best lawyer wins… It is a lawful “Affidavit” Stating the Facts, and includes Demands based upon these Facts, with a Commercial Lien against the violations of the offending party(s)… This Constitutional Criminal Complaint was filed in Federal Court January 4th 2012. The defendants have 90 days to lawfully Rebut each point of the evidence and demands.

Note: This Constitutional Complaint is filed in Criminal Jurisdiction, not Civil.