About Us

We are the Sovereign Project.

1. GOD Gave You Rights!
2. The Constitution Protects Your Rights!
3. Your Rights Were Stolen!

Our mission is to Educate, Inform, and Assist Citizens in regaining their Sovereign Rights. We are here to give you the Truth and the Tools to Do Something about it!

What you do with what you learn is up to you! This is Nothing to Join, There are No Monthly Dues… This is about Learning “Who You Are” and having the Knowledge and Power to Live the Full Potential of Who You Were Born to Be! You’re More Than This!

  1. You Were Born with Sovereign Rights in the United States of America!
  2. Through Deceptive Acts and Contracts, Your GOD-Given, Constitutionally Protected Rights Sovereign Rights were exchanged for Revocable and Taxable Benefits and Privileges!
  3. You Can Get Your Rights Back! We are here to help you Get Them Back!

We Are Here to Help Everyone We Can!

“My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

If you Don’t Know Your Rights – You Don’t Have Any! If You Know Your Rights and Don’t Defend and Stand Up for Them – You Don’t Have Any! Now It Is All Up To You!